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brezzl. provides smart solutions for a connected world. Out award winning Cablewings were just the beginning. FridgeEYE will be launched on 2019.
Innovative cable holder Cabelwings, smart fridge cam Fridgeeye
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Smart solutions for a connected world.

We know: Digitisation is one of the biggest opportunities to solve global problems. We design, develop and produce smart products that use digital services to provide the best customer value.


Fridge Eye



We know: The best products solve real problems. We create products inspired by the will to achieve an easy and sustainable life.


We make our products as sustainable as possible. Simple design, exchangeable parts and smart packaging without plastic are just a few things we care about.

Customer focus

We make everything to make our customers happy. Your wish is our command.


We provide our products all over the world for the same price. Everything else is not fair.


Sometimes we allow us to make our products beautiful, even if it is probably not the cheapest solution.


Style and design are very important to us. We are focusing on the customer-friendly and simple design in the best Bauhaus tradition.



Fridge Eye


4th at Forbes Start-up-Challenge

Red Dot Award Winner

Winner German Design Award

Finalist Deutsche Bank API/Open hackathon

Cooperations and supporters

Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München

MTP e.V.

Arrow Electronics