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About us

We are Vlad, Tibor, Jinjin and Hui. Each of us has several years of experience in different IT and business projects in small and large enterprises.
Vlad, Tibor and Hui have been a team for many years in a large agile project, where they build a sales platform for cars and motorcycles. Jinjin and Hui have been friends since their studies in Berlin.
Now we are all living in Munich. Together we want to make grocery shopping a more positive experience for us and our customers.


vladislav svetashkov

Business Administration & Product Development

Vlad studied business administration at LMU in Munich. During this time Vlad was an active member of MTP e.V., the biggest student initiative of Germany. He was Vice President of the consulting department for one year and involved in consulting projects and events on regional and national level. During his study years, Vlad worked for Startups and IT-companies. In 2010 he won the “5€- Startup”-event in Munich with his Start-up ofenlos.

Since his degree Vladislav has been working as Consultant, Product Owner and Scrum Master in various automotive IT-projects for NTT DATA.


tibor malanik

Business Informatics & Architecture

Tibor studied business informatics and IT in Bratislava. During this time he collected experience at Dell and Accenture as working student. After he had graduated with summa cum laude Tibor worked in different IT projects for DAX companies like Deutsche Bank or BMW Group in different roles e.g. developer or technical project manager.

With the project ‘Point Of Sales’ at Deutsche Bank Tibor won ‘Systems Integration Project of the Year 2009’ in Financial Sector Technology.

jinjin li

Mobile Platforms & Web Apps

Jinjin is a front-end engineer from China. He focuses on Angular 1.x, Angular 2 and React.js ecosystem. During his study at Technische Universität Berlin and the time after university, he has built many enterprises Web Apps and Mobile Apps in many branches with the modern front-end frameworks. Front-end changed a lot in the last few years and it will continue changing a lot in the future, but he doesn’t lose himself and always finds the right way to go forward.


hui deng

Social Networks & Component Integration

Having graduated from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology in China in 2006, Hui went on further education in Germany and received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Technische Universität Berlin. During his studies Hui showed great interest in Web technologies. He helped some Chinese companies to build their international business websites. He also founded the social network website for Chinese students.

After University Hui has been employed by NTT DATA as technical consultant. He has experience in many large agile projects in automobile industry with various roles such as frontend developer, backend developer, scrum master and technical leader.