brezzl. | brezzl.freeze App – first version
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brezzl.freeze App – first version

brezzl.freeze App – first version

Annoyed of writing or typing each product to the shopping list? Take a photo and see at store what you really need. You can also type it in if you want.

Fridge Cam.
Take photos of your fridge, pantry and other places with the camera of your iPhone – just a few clicks before leaving your home. The photos are stored within the app and don’t garbage your photo stream.

Just type.
Of course you can add products in the old-school way by typing them into your shopping list – just as in every usual shopping list app.

At the supermarket.
See the content of your fridge, the products on your shopping list and buy exactly what you need – neither less nor more.

Coming soon.
We will add new functions every two weeks – your feedback is welcome! Next features are:
– Sharing photos and list items with your friends and family
– Configurable reminder to take photos before leaving home
– More product information like brand, amount and characteristics
– Barcode scanner for quick adding of products
– Photo recognition to automatically ad needed products to the shopping list
… and many more

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