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MILK, EGGS, VODKA and further insights

MILK, EGGS, VODKA and further insights

The shopping list is one of the main features of our platform. If we want to digitalise it, we have to understand the customers first.

Fortunately, Bill Keaggy, “a collector, maker and breaker of things” has collected thousands of lost shopping lists and published them on his blog –

With the most interesting shopping lists, Bill created the book “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found”.  If you are a fan of lists and human curiosities you can take a look at the book on or

Bill also used insights from those lost lists to create “The Ultimatest Grocery Lists”, which contain the most common groceries divided into main categories. The list can be downloaded as pdf from his website. Bill kindly allowed us to use this insights for our platform. Thank you, Bill!  Our product suggestions in the second app version will follow the same logic like Bill’s “Ultimate Grocery List”. And then you can add additional products even more quickly.

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