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Demo: freeze app version 1.0

The demo shows the first version of our app, which is available in the Apple App Store.

Using the app out customers can take pictures of their fridge and other grocery storages and add missing items to a shopping list.

Use case:

1. Customer takes a picture of his refrigerator.

2. Customer adds products to a shopping list.

3. At the supermarket customer can take a look at pictures and the list.


  • The shown app was downloaded more than 100 times.
  • The feedback of the users was considered for the second version
  • App is still available in the App Store of Apple

Demo: queue-free supermarket

We created the demo as a working prototype during the API(Open hackathon of the Deutsche Bank. The aim was to create a solution for queue-free shopping.

Use case:

1. Customer checks in at a supermarket to get correct prices by scanning a QR code with the brezzl. app.

2. Then customer picks up all products she or he needs and scans the barcodes of the products.

3. In the end customer pays for the cart with one click and she or he can leave the supermarket.

4. Supermarket stuff can see, if customer has payed in a web app.


  • The shown use case a working prototype with a dummy supermarket connected
  • As payment solution PayPal is integrated
  • For a flied test we are now searching for a partner

Demo: fridge picture recognition

The demo shows a possible use case with recognition of products a customer has. Based on available products brezzl. suggest receipts. Missing products can be ordered with view clicks.

Use case:

1. Customer takes a picture of his refrigerator. In the future the fridge cam will take pictures automatically.

2. Products are recognised and listed as available.

3. Receipts are suggested and customer selects one.

4. Carts of missing products for the selected receipt are suggested with availability and prices.

5. Customer can select delivery time and order from a selected online supermarket


  • The shown use case is a click dummy.
  • We made some prove of concepts according to image recognition and connection of online stores.