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API/Open Hackton – SCAYER

API/Open Hackton – SCAYER

Deutsche Bank is developing an API, so developers from around the world can use a modern and secure connection to Deutsche Bank accounts within their apps. To get feedback from developers Deutsche Bank organised a hackathon on Oktober 28th – 30th.

We applied for this event as one of more than 150 teams with the idea to use the API for queue-free shopping at supermarket.

Our Idea was that a customer scans items with his or her smartphone upon picking them up from the shelf in the supermarket. Before leaving the shop, he confirms the purchase of the selected items in the app, without having to wait in the queue at the cashier. Instead of scanning the items at the cash counter, the shop assistant rather help the customers in the aisles of the shop. The room taken up by the bulky cash counters is instead used to offer an even wider selection of goods.
For a small commission the Deutsche Bank would processes the transaction for both parties involved.

We were chosen as one of 12 teams for the final round in Berlin, where we had 42 hours to implement the idea and prepare a presentation.

During the hackathon we:

  • added “payment for queue-free checkout” to the platform which uses the API/Open
  • designed an algorithm, which analyses bank account data of users and provides personalized products

We presented out product to the jury, which was highly decorated:

  • JP Rangswami, Chief Data Officer of Deutsche Bank
  • Philipp Gossow, Head of Private and Commercial Clients International at Deutsche Bank
  • Christian Sewing, Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank
  • Prarthana Johnson, Head of Design at SoundCloud
  • Stephan Dörner, Editor-in-Chief of t3n
  • Jörg Rheinboldt, Managing Director of Axel Springer Plug & Play
  • Kay Lummitsch, API Evangelist at Swisscom
  • Claude Ritter, Co-Founder and COO of Book a Tiger
  • Paul Thiekötter, Partner at Fly Ventures

At the end the hackathon was a very well organised event where we learned a lot and could prove, that within a small time period with right tools and mindset we can develop a working product. At the the website you can finde some more pictures and information about the event.

If you are interested in the payment solution, you are free to contact us.

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