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Why not give our app a try?

Fridge cam

Take photos of your fridge with the camera of your iPhone, so you always know what’s in your fridge. The photos are stored within the app and don’t garbage your photo stream.

On the go

Add needed products by typing them into your shopping list – the old-school way.

At the supermarket

Remember the content of your fridge, check your shopping list and buy exactly what you need.

Fridge Cam


Making the photo taking of fridge content easier.

Key facts
  • Camera taking high quality photos within refrigerator
  • Synchronizing photos with the cloud
  • The Cam can be positioned in the door or on the inside of the refrigerator
  • Photo is sent via Wi-Fi to the cloud

Design and component prototypes completed

Open for preorders – estimated delivery: Mid 2018

Less waste of our groceries and time!

We want to make grocery shopping as easy as possible

Our next release will be in the end of February. Stay up to date to get the latest news.


Scan and Pay

We participated on the Deutsche Bank API/Open hackathon with the idea of direct scanning and payment in the supermarket without waiting in the queue at the cashier.