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And your fridge is smart

Pre-order our innovative cam now for a reduced price.
Know at the supermarket what is inside and what isn’t.
Save money, groceries and reduce waste.

“I needed your cam yesterday. I came home and my fridge was empty.”

Günter Albrecht, Vice President, NTT DATA Germany

Make your life easy

Waste less groceries and save money and time!

Waste less groceries and save money and time!



5 megapixel camera

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

1.200mAh Li-ion Battery

Size: 42mm*42mm*45mm

Splash-water protection

In the box

  • 1,2,3 or 4 freeze cams
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 quick start guide





Starting at



Limited pre-order pricing.
Retail price starts at 99$.

Fits your lifestyle

Choose color and package

you want.

Key product features

What you get with a brezzl. freeze cam.

Wide angle lens

The lens with 120° wide-angle will capture your entire fridge.

Built-in battery

The cam runs for several weeks with a rechargeable polymer li-ion battery.

Magnetic mount

The innovative magnetic mount allows simple and hygienic install.

Cloud connected

Your fridge images are stored in the cloud and are accessible from everywhere.

Smart Hardware and Software

Only if both are made for each other, the solution will be great.

iOS app

Available now!

You can download our iOS app which currently works without a camera. Use your smartphone cam instead.

Android app

Available now!

You can download our Android app which currently works without a camera. Use your smartphone cam instead.

Help us

What features are you missing? We’d love to hear from you!

Working hard

We are working on innovative features. Let us notify you, when they’re ready!

Upcoming app features

Receipts import

Import of receipts
Adding of ingredients to shopping list

Shopping list

Manual fridge photos
Barcode scan
Voice input
Fridge photos

Smart Diagrams

Purchase diagrams
Behavior analysis


Product suggestions

Online ordering

Online shop comparison
Automatised ordering

And much more

Queue-free payment
Supermarkets overview
Online shop integration

Always remember

You always buy the products you need.

Not more, not less.

Save time and money

Never throw away groceries any longer, because you bought too much. Save hundreds of Euros every year.

Save time at the supermarket by exactly knowing what you need.

Choose your bundle

Find the perfect cam bundle for your fridge

Not yet ready for pre-order?

Sign up for our mailing list and receive a promo code for 10$ off retail price when we launch the freeze cam.

Terms and conditions and the privacy policy


Stay updated about our progress and next steps.

  • The shopping list is one of the main features of our platform. If we want to digitalise it, we have

  • Deutsche Bank is developing an API, so developers from around the world can use a modern and secure

  • Annoyed of writing or typing each product to the shopping list? Take a photo and see at store what y