brezzl. | Smart products for a connected live.
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Our vision

Better use of our precious resources:

Less waste of our groceries and time!

We always have the products we need at home – not more, not less.

We don‘t need to spend time in supermarket queues.

Our fridges fill themselves automatically.

Upcoming features

Receipts import

  • Import of receipts
  • Adding of ingredients to shopping list

Smart shopping list

  • Manual fridge photos
  • Barcode scan
  • Voice input
  • Fridge cam

Smart Diagrams

  • Purchase diagrams
  • Behavior analysis


  • Product suggestions
  • Personal profiles
  • Couponing

Pay without queueing

  • Queue-free payment
  • Supermarkets overview
  • Online shop integration

Online ordering

  • Online shop comparison
  • Automatised ordering

Customer wishes

We will provide more and more of the exciting features to you based on wishes and feedback.

Our platform

supports you shopping for groceries with many functions.

You can now download the first version of our iPhone app for free.

The second version will be released soon for iOS and Android.

Latest news

Stay updated about our progress and next steps.

  • The shopping list is one of the main features of our platform. If we want to digitalise it, we have

  • Deutsche Bank is developing an API, so developers from around the world can use a modern and secure

  • Annoyed of writing or typing each product to the shopping list? Take a photo and see at store what y